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Customer Feedback


"Thank you Nancy for your great service, the technician was friendly and efficient. It has been 6 weeks now and still no ants."

Enrico S

"Termites are all gone now. very quick and friiendly service"


"I would like to thank your company and importanly your termite treatment team for the wonderful job they did at exteminating the termites in our home. At first we thought all was lost due to the damage the termites had caused throughout our house. Your team made lite work of the termites and reassured us that all will be fine. Since the fumigation was done, we have not had any further issues with the termites. GOOD RIDENCE. Many thanks"

Marisela U

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Pest Control in Johannesburg

Pest Control in Johannesburg

Welcome to Johannesburg pest control.

Johannesburg pest control provides a professional pest control service dealing with all kinds of pests. From the annoying ant to the more complex and slithery snake, we can help you to deal with any pest in a friendly and expert way throughout Johannesburg.

We are a well established company working in Johannesburg and surrounding suburbs and all of our technicians are fully qualified with a wealth of experience with all pests in the Johannesburg region.

If you have a problem with any pest, give us a call and we can arrange for one of our technicians to call round and assess the situation and give you a free estimate for any works that need to be carried out. And if you agree the price, 90% of the time we can carry out the work straight away.

Our expert pest control technicians in Johannesburg will know the species of the pest problem from their wealth of experience. After an inspection of your property, they will find the extent and cause of the pest problem and decide on the best course of action to be taken. As all of our pest control technicians have the correct pest control training and certification, they know how to use the most effective and efficient controlled substances allowed, should such a treatment be necessary. They will safely administer the most suitable insecticide or rodenticide needed to eliminate your pest problem as quickly as possible.

In some situations, for pests like fleas or bed bugs, fumigation will be needed to eradicate the the pest problem. At Johannesburg pest control, due to the many different insect problems that can occur in properties, fumigation is a part of our service that we take great care in. Fumigating a property involves gassing, or smoking a property throughout to get rid of any insects that may not be reached by the first method of treatment, spraying insecticide manually, and are still causing problems. Pests like termites, beetles or moths.

If the pest that is causing you problems is a little larger, furry with four legs, like rats or mice, no problem. Our experienced Johannesburg exterminators can deal with them also. As well as fumigating properties for insects like cockroaches, our staff are also experts in baiting for rats and mice. Along with baiting for rodents we will advise you on ways to proof your property to help prevent rats and mice from entering in the future.

We also specialize in bird control. From catching and eradicating pigeons to complete bird proofing using wires and netting. We also remove birds nests and eggs and dispatch live birds on site.

The list of pests that we specialize in is very long. They are:

Ant control, beetle control, bed bug eradication, cockroach treatment, flea treatment, fly control, mouse control, mole removal, moth control, pigeon control, pigeon proofing, rabbit control, rat control, silverfish control,squirrel control, termite inspection and control, wasp control, woodborer treatment, wood borer control.

So whatever your pest problem is, when you choose Johannesburg pest control, you are choosing friendly, high quality but cost effective pest control from the experts.


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